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How to delay skin aging?

The main signs of aging begin to be noticed on the skin, usually occurring between the ages of 25 and 30.

But why do we get old?

There are internal and external factors to explain this phenomenon, and we can intervene in some of them to delay that process.

Internal factors

They are typical of our body and generally difficult to alter or control.

* Age
* Genetic
* Diseases
* Autoimmune diseases/inflammation

External factors

They are related to our lifestyle, and we usually have alternatives to reduce their impact.

* Sun exposure
* Air pollution
* Smoking
* Poor nutrition
* Absence or bad habits in facial care
* Absence or bad habits in body care
* Weather
* Stress

Signs of aging

* Presence of wrinkles and fine lines
* Loss of firmness and elasticity
* Spots on the skin
* Dehydration and feeling of tightness
* Prone to eczema or skin infections
* Loss of volume
* Loss of light

Tips to delay aging

Aging occurs due to the combination of internal and external factors. Although internal factors, such as age and genetics, are almost impossible to modify, we can act on most external factors.

The MD Aesthetics at Folsom, CA, offers a series of non-surgical and very effective alternatives to prevent aging. Among them: Hydrafacial MD, use of neuromodulators and fillers, Aquagold micro-needling, Skin pen micro-needling, facial rejuvenation with laser, IV therapy, and skincare line products. Each treatment is adapted to each person to meet the requirements and needs of all.

However, the main preventive measures are those taken daily at home:

* Daily skin cleansing with the right products
* Use of moisturizers according to skin type
* Photoprotection
* Avoiding tobacco
* Healthy and balanced diet
* Healthy lifestyle
* Exercises
* Drinking water

At The MD Aesthetics, we hope this information will be helpful for our patients. It is a pleasure to advise you and offer you alternatives for the treatment of skin aging.

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