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IV Therapy

The MD Aesthetics proudly offers an IV Therapy lounge to replenish, rehydrate, and revitalize. Elevate yourself and submerge in zero-gravity massage chairs while getting the best IV therapy in Folsom.

IV therapy is very popular these days, and why shouldn’t it be? It is a convenient, effective, and efficient way to get essential micronutrients by bypassing digestive system and delivering 100% of nutrients. IV therapy at MD Aesthetics in Folsom contains a perfect blend of hydrating fluids, multivitamins, amino acids, and electrolytes to give you the best results.

At our med spa, we have the following IV therapies.

  • Fountain of Youth
  • The Fitness IV Drip
  • Rise and Shine
  • Natural Defense IV therapy
  • The Executive IV therapy
  • Glutathione Therapy

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Fountain of Youth

Get Healthier skin, nails, and hair

FOY IV therapy will help you to slow down the signs of aging. It helps to reduce sun spots, wrinkles, and crow feet. Many toxins can cause our skin to look patchy and discolored. FOY nutrients can help remove these free radicles, resulting in good-looking skin. It is also rich in micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals to rehydrate your skin. When your body gets the right ingredients with the right amount, It will help you to look and feel younger.


  • to keep your skin hydrated after excessive sun exposure
  • to reduce wrinkles and discoloration, and visible signs of aging
  • to replenish your nutrients for healthier hair, skin, and nails
  • to remove toxins from your system so that you look younger.

The Fitness

Your performance hydration

If you’re a gym enthusiast and always looking to be on top. Oral supplements always give unsatisfactory results because of various reasons. You should know about the Fitness Hydration IV drip to achieve maximal results and get an extra kick in your workouts. IV drips go straight into the blood, so you immediately feel the impact. It’s the best way to get energy, keep you focused and help you recover faster. There are many other ways to maximize your workout performance, but only one takes you past your peak.


  • It helps increase stamina and energy to perform your best in any workout.
  • Help to be more mentally alert and focused so that one can meet goals.
  • It helps to strengthen muscles before and after a physical workout.
  • Helps in post-workout recovery and exhaustion.
  • It also helps to combat fatigue and stay motivated to train for longer hours.

Rise and Shine

Our Hangover Fix

We all like to have a good time, but sometimes we all get carried away. There are a lot of different cures and elixirs and some natural ways to overcome them. If you want to feel better ASAP, and if your head is pounding, you must try our Rise and Shine IV therapy to fight your hangover. One of the leading causes of being hungover is dehydration. It is very common and sometimes can cause serious side effects. That’s why it’s crucial to make you hydrated so that all your cells are getting the tools they need to function.


  • It helps to avoid headaches and dizziness with long nights with little to no sleep
  • It helps to improve your energy and to be productive.
  • boost your immune system and help you from getting sick.
  • Keep you hydrated.
  • To be more alert and energetic throughout the day.

Natural Defense

 Boost Your Immune System

With changing world and going out, anyone can get sick. We all get sick, and it happens. You can get the Natural Defense drip to help increase your body’s defense. It’s an excellent way to avoid spending money on some medications or doctor’s visits. Along with maintaining a healthy lifestyle , you can get a boost from the right amount of vitamins and minerals to stop you from getting sick quickly. It works better than drinking a gallon of orange juice, that’s for sure.


  • boost your immune system with high-impact nutrients to keep you stronger.
  • get powerful antioxidants to fight against common airborne illnesses around you, wherever you go.
  • improve the cardiovascular function of the body and maintain a healthy nervous system .
  • It also helps to Improve your body’s ability to withstand stress, intense work, or travel levels.

The Executive

For Mental Focus

The Executive IV drip is known to help and improve your focus and concentration. Many of us are juggling between personal and work lives. Sometimes, we get too tired. Work gets stressful, and it can take effort to remember what you have to do. It always helps to have a healthy life, but sometimes you need a bit more. With the right amount of nutrients, you can feel more alert and aware of your surroundings. Executive IV therapy can help you do better at work. Come elevate yourself at The MD Aesthetics.


  • always feel sharper and more focused in your daily activities.
  • It helps to improve your overall mood and to be more productive.
  • help to improve your energy after hours for exercise or pick up a hobby.
  • It also helps to combat stress by feeling relaxed and focused on your tasks.
  • • Avoid getting sick with a stronger immune system.

Glutathione Therapy

Body’s superhero

It is one of the essential antioxidants in our bodies. It protects cells from disease and makes your skin look brighter and more beautiful.

Good optimal Glutathione levels in our bodies are critical to recovering from chronic illnesses. It also helps us to prevent disease, maintain optimal health and improve overall performance. It also helps to decrease muscle damage by reducing recovery time and increasing strength and endurance. Glutathione shifts the metabolism from fat deposition to muscle development.


  • Improve skin complexion over a series of glutathione drips by minimizing melanin.
  • Look and feel younger by keeping your cells healthy and strong.
  • Empower your body’s detoxification process so you operate effectively.
  • Encourage cell revitalization and regeneration.
  • Improve overall body energy and metabolism.
  • Detoxify the liver and cells so you are protected against diseases.

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