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Do you hate needles and injections? And still looking for luscious and naturally fuller lips. We have answers for you. This advancement in the field of aesthetic medicine offers the possibility for many patients to perform acts of aesthetic medicine without needles. So you can now have plump lips without needles.

Liplase is a non-invasive treatment aimed at enhancing your lips’ volume by stimulating collagen production using laser energy. Moreover, this treatment is safe and requires no downtime since it is non-invasive. It produces the same results as lip fillers but is free from its risks and complication, such as bruising and swelling.

Benefits of Liplase

  • No foreign agent is used in this treatment as in lip fillers; instead, the shape of lips is defined by collagen stimulation.
  • The results of Liplase treatment are long-lasting.
  • There is no downtime associated with the treatment. You can continue your chores right away after the treatment without having to follow any rigorous post-treatment instructions.
  • You’ll be amazed to see the fantastic results just after three sessions.
  • Since the treatment depicts its result eventually, the enhancement process will go unnoticeable, and it won’t give a hint to your folks of you having the treatment.
  • Since no foreign agent is used in the treatment, this treatment is safe and free from side effects.
  • Not only does it volumizes the lips, but it also defines the cupid’s bow.
  • It is a painless treatment.

What will you have with this technique

The advantage of this non-invasive and product-free lip remodeling technique is that it works naturally.

Your lips will therefore be:

  • Plumped
  • Redesigned
  • Natural
  • Hydrated

What you won’t have with this technique

Because it is natural, you will not have:

  • balls of products
  • “duck” lips
  • bruising
  • asymmetry related to poor distribution and absorption of the product (if you have a natural asymmetry, it will remain)
  • swollen lips

How Does Liplase Work?

Liplase works by passing laser-induced energy through the lips and surrounding skin to plump and volumize them. A gentle and non-ablative laser called FOTONA Nd: YAG is used under a smooth mode to target the vermillion borders of the mouth, philtrum ridges, and cupid’s bow areas of lips. It gives a fuller appearance to the lips, gives a fuller and tighter appearance to your face, and also gives firmness to the skin around your lips. Needleless lip treatment stimulates the natural production of new collagen fibers. There is no social eviction and an immediate effect that improves over time.

How Is the Liplase Treatment Done at The MD Aesthetics?

Firstly, your provider at The MD Aesthetics will provide a consultation and discuss your concerns, expectations, and goals in detail. While this treatment is painless, a mild numbing cream is applied to your lips to ensure comfort. Laser energy is delivered into the mucosa of your lips. You may feel a heating sensation around the mouth area and on the lips. However, it will subside by itself without having to follow any precautions within an hour.

How Many Sessions of Liplase Are Required?

Initially, you are supposed to have three sessions for three months, one session in a month. After that, you will attain your lip goals. Therefore, you can have one session after every three months to maintain the results of Liplase.

Are you ready to take the next step? Let’s get started.

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