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In reality, we all are aging, and every year we slow down collagen production in our skin. We continuously need to take care of ourselves and our skin but these treatments can be costly. Aesthetics require consistency to achieve and maintain your best results, just like it takes a healthy and active lifestyle to maintain your ideal body weight and size.

Here at MDA, we introduce membership programs. Not only do these programs provide you with world-class aesthetic treatments at affordable rates, but it also saves you on all the services and skincare products at MDA. Members will also get special discounts and invitations to members-only events. We are starting with more incentives on birthdays and anniversaries and want to be part of your special occasions.

Our membership has no hidden costs, and no credit check is required. We offer the best value for your investments to achieve your beauty goals.


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To meet your unique beauty needs, we offer a variety of memberships. Choose what is appropriate for you and message us or visit us for a free consultation.



  • Monthly Hydrafacial Signature
  • IV Therapy: Once/year
  • Fotona 4D: 10% off
  • PRP Hair or Face: 10% off
  • SkinPen Microneedling: 20% off
  • Fractional Laser Resurfacing*: 10% off
  • Medical Grade Skin care line: 10% 0ff
  • Hair Restart Package: 20% off
  • Jeuveau: $10/Unit
  • Any other Services: 10% off
  • Total Value: >$3,600
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  • Monthly Hydrafacial Deluxe
  • IV Therapy: Twice/year
  • Fotona 4D: Twice/year
  • PRP Hair or Face: Once/year
  • SkinPen Microneedling: Once/year
  • Fractional Laser Resurfacing*: Twice/year
  • Medical Grade Skin care line: 20% 0ff
  • Hair Restart Package: 50% off
  • Jeuveau: $8/Unit
  • Any other Services: 20% off
  • Total Value: >$10,000
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  • Services or procedures cannot be exchanged, replaced, or transferred. Use it or lose it.
  • If the procedure is monthly and is not performed, it cannot be moved to another month.
  • A minimum 12-month commitment is required otherwise the client will have to pay the total cost of the procedure performed.
  • A credit card is required and the membership fee is due on the first day of membership.
  • Appointments need to be made by the member in advance, 2 months minimum, and no walk-in or urgent appointments will be made.
  • Enrollment is for a limited time with limited numbers.
  • Results are not guaranteed as these vary from person to person depending on various factors.
  • One will be eligible for laser treatment/PRP/microneedling in month 4.
  • Cold laser peel can be combined with Fotona 4D.

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