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Fotona Nightlase will be a life-changing treatment if you are concerned about snoring. The snoring vibrations can also cause blood vessel micro-injuries and can lead to atherosclerosis and stroke risk. Moreover, it makes sleeping hard for people in the same bed, and you might experience low-quality sleep.

What is Fotona Nightlase?

Fotona Nightlase is a non-invasive laser treatment aimed at improving the quality of your sleep by reducing the effects of sleep apnea and decreasing the amplitude of snoring using a laser-induced and gentle tightening effect by causing collagen contraction in the oral mucosa tissue.

Fotona nightlase leverages a strong pulse ER: YAG to address the concern of snoring. The laser’s thermal energy induces collagen production in the oral mucosa tissue and gives strength to the tissue. Thus, the airway at the back of the throat is opened up by the tightening of the throat.

The soft palate is shifted by laser energy. The Fotona Laser reduces the vibration of the soft palate to minimize snoring and consequently improve your sleep patterns.

It is a Safe and Simple Yet Effective Treatment:

The patented laser technology of FOTONA ER: YAG modifies the pulses’ length. This allows deep and safe penetrating thermal energy into the oral mucosa tissue. It is strong to provide clinically effective heating and is gentle to be used on the sensitive tissues inside the mouth.

It is a Patient-Friendly Solution:

It is recommended to have 3-4 treatment sessions of Fotona Nightlase treatment over 6 weeks to attain desirable results.

It Is a highly satisfying and comfortable solution.

No chemical treatment is involved, and not having to wear any device during sleep. It is a gentle and convenient way to enhance your night’s sleep compared to other treatments designed for this purpose.

Since Fotona Nightlase is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment, no Downtime is associated with it. Hence, you can get back to your normal routine right away.

Fotona Nightlase has no potential side effects. However, patients may get mild sore throats occasionally. It gets sorted by itself in a few days.

More often than not, it is observed by the Patients that their soring effect remains sorted for one year or so.

Fotona nightlase is a course of three treatments that are recommended to be gotten after every two months for six months. You can have more treatments afterward if your provider recommends you.

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