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Eyes, the first attraction of a face

The eye contour primarily attracts the eyes of our interlocutors. Under the effect of various factors, this area may be altered, particularly with age. Surgery was the only recourse for a long time. But now, aesthetic medicine has very effective techniques to provide solutions that delay or eliminate the need.

Essential role of the eyes in social life

It has been found that our eyes and their contours retain approx. 90% of the time, an interlocutor looks at us. The eye area can reveal many expressions, feelings, and even thoughts.

What signs create a change in our gaze?

  • Dark circles mark fatigue or age. They can dig, swell, pigment, and ride.
  • Over time, the upper eyelids relax with age, which can sag on the eyelashes, fatigue the eyesight, or even cause wrinkles due to excessive tension.
  • In very pale and thin skin, blue vessels can be visible by transparency on dark circles or upper eyelids.
  • Different benign growths can also affect this area, such as xanthelasmas (small yellowish sheets due to lipid deposition) or syringomas (small pink papules).
  • Finally, scars may be present, for example, following surgery to reduce the drooped eyes (blepharoplasty).


What is Fotona Smootheye?

The Fotona Smootheye Leverages the use of contemporary laser technology for superficial remodeling and collagen stimulation. This boosted synthesis of collagen smoothens the appearance of wrinkles, scarring, hyperpigmentation, and skin laxity. Meanwhile, it also brings tightness and firmness to the skin and unclogs the enlarged pores.

Simple and effective solution

Fotona Smootheye is a state-of-the-art treatment that reduces and eliminates the bags, creases, and crow’s feet under the eyes. It is a simple yet effective, non-invasive treatment that merely takes 30 minutes or so.

Are you excited to know more about this remarkable treatment? Let’s dive deeper into it.

How Does Smootheye Work?

This system rejuvenates the skin with various modulations. Fotona Smootheye encourages the production of collagen in the oral mucosa. Therefore, it will diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and eradicate the skin laxity on the lower and upper eyelid. Consequently, you will get an enhanced, young, and youthful appearance.


They are the ideal choice: they act simultaneously on many of the problems mentioned above.

The multiple shots of the micro-beams of these so-called “fractionated” lasers intensely heat the skin surface and also generate significant heat in depth. The result is triple:

  • Re-tension by the destruction of skin micro-fragments,
  • Stimulation of collagen production that will make the skin more pulpy, toned, and firm,
  • Improved nutrition and oxygenation of tissues through stimulated blood irrigation.

What is happening then in concrete terms?

  • On the dark circles:
    • the skin tightens, it is bridled, less wrinkled and wrinkled,
    • the diggings are reduced, and the pockets, on the contrary, deflated,
    • pigmentation is attenuated,
  • On the upper eyelids:
    • the sagging of the skin is reduced,
    • their fold rises relative to the eyelashes,
    • the gaze opens.

How is Fotona Smootheye treatment Done at The MD Aesthetics?

At The MD aesthetics, The Fotona Smootheye treatment follows all safety and effectiveness protocols. Before the laser treatment, a comprehensive valuation of the intraocular region and periocular is conducted, including the lateral, upper, and lower examinations of the eye. Then, the non-ablative is applied to encourage collagen contraction and remodeling.

It is recommended to have 2-4 treatments of Fotona Smootheye each four weeks apart, to attain optimal and long-lasting results.

What is the Expected Downtime & Healing Process of Fotona Smootheye?

There is no downtime associated with this treatment. You can resume your daily activities right away after the treatment.

Is Fotona Smootheye Painful?

It is a non-invasive treatment, and therefore, it is relatively painless. However, a mild numbing cream is applied to your face to alleviate the discomfort or pain during the treatment.

Are you ready to take the next step? Let’s get started.

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