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Stretch marks


At the time of growth, during pregnancy or after significant weight gain, the skin is subjected to tension that causes the appearance of stretch marks. These fine streaks take on the appearance of fine scars. Both in men and women, stretch marks are common and without major health risks. There are treatments to limit their appearance.

Stretch marks: what is it?

Stretch marks correspond to a tear of the dermis of the skin, in other words, the layer between the epidermis and the hypodermis. When the skin is subjected to intense and rapid tension, the tissues stretch without breaking. Stretch marks are visible on the surface of the skin. They take on the appearance of fine winding scars. They are purplish when they appear. They are considered to be at an inflammatory stage. Their color fades and takes on a slightly pearly white color. In some cases, their color fades to take on the color of the skin.

Stretch marks appear mostly on the stomach, buttocks, breasts, arms, knees, and thighs.

Stretch marks: what are the causes?

Stretch marks affect nearly 70% of women. Indeed, pregnancy is the first cause of the appearance of stretch marks. During pregnancy, the skin of the belly is stretched and it is common for stretch marks to appear on the abdomen, belly, and flanks, as well as on the breasts.

During significant weight gain, the fat accumulation increases significantly, causing the appearance of stretch marks on the arms, thighs, and stomach, but also on the hips. It is also common in some athletes with muscle mass gain and can cause small streak scars.

During growth, stretch marks may appear on adolescent bodies.

Fine and fragile skin is an important factor in the appearance of stretch marks and can happen with steroids and disorders like Cushing’s Disease.


To date, there is no “miracle technique” that makes it possible to permanently eliminate stretch marks. On the other hand, several methods are very effective in visibly reducing their appearance and avoiding complexity when you show your body.

Through different processes, collagen, and skin elastin are stimulated and/or renewed. Recent red stretch marks and older white stretch marks that are more like fine scars gradually disappear until they become almost undetectable.

At MDA, we choose the following options individually or in combination after evaluation.

PEELINGS – Modulated TCA peeling with hydrogen peroxide that treats red stretch marks.

MICRONEEDLING – gives a glow to the face and smoothes skin imperfections.

LASERS- It firms the skin of the face and body and corrects skin imperfections.

Serums/PRP/Exosomes can be used with the above treatments to improve the process of regeneration.

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